Share Your Garden - Grow a Community

How it Works

There is unused land in the residential front- and backyards in our cities. We are connecting people who want to use the land with the people who own the land. Feel free to find your spot; grown your own vegetables and make friends!

Submit the photos and location of your garden and choose all the amenities listed that you are making available. Choose what you’re be willing to let people do in your garden. Wait for the potential users to contact you. Enjoy sharing!

You will be part of creating a community that recognises the importance of growing your own food. Neglected gardens will start to flourish again. Grow your own food or just relax in a beautiful garden nearby.

List or Find a Garden Today

About Us

We are a team of four who are passionate about creating a more connected and sustainable world one garden at a time.


Australians love homes with a yard but this is a dwindling reality for most of us city folk as apartment living has doubled in the last decade. With front gardens being so common and under-utilised we jumped at the idea to connect users with owners.

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